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Micro-target your ads to potential customers at any location on the map
- including buildings, events, and even your competition!

Reach buyers where you couldn’t before

With Geo-Fencing ads, you can now capture prospects you couldn’t reach with your other digital advertising.

  • Target any location with high concentrations of your potential customers
  • Capture visitors in your competitor's locations
  • Target your location so you can re-target prospects after they visit

Businesses are seeing more and better quality traffic with Geo-Fencing. Let us put your ads in the hands of potential customers in the places where they frequent most.

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How Does Geo-Fencing Work?

  1. When the customer enters the Geo-Fenced location, they are targeted with your ads on their mobile device.
  2. For a month after your ads will display on their phones in their apps, games, and online (checking weather, news and more).
  3. When a customer enters your place of business after seeing your ad, a secondary “fence” on your location captures the visit.

Geo-Fencing can also be used to send out special messages to prospects passing your location within a specified distance.

No more wasting clicks with ads targeted to a radius.

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Who can use it?

Almost any company that can benefit from showing ads to large groups of potential customers.
A few great examples:

The list is virtually endless... The more creative we get, the more buyers you reach.

Interested in how your company can increase sales with Geo-Fencing?

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Why Rhoads Digital vs. any ad agency for Geo-Fencing?

While the concept may be new to some companies, we have been implementing Geo-Fencing for clients longer - and have proven results. Our experience means better ads and more focused targeting - which has translated to more leads for less cost for our clients.

If you have tried Geo-Fencing in the past, the technology has come a long way. We are seeing great results. Call to learn how.

B2B companies are using it too.

Geo-Fencing is not exclusive to retail and other Business-to-Consumer companies. Trade shows, events, and more are great applications to increase your advertising exposure and brand recognition.

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Just 1 week from the start-up of the campaign, a Bucks County builder closed a $420,000 home sale that directly came from his new Geo-fencing ads. Without a doubt, the campaign paid for itself very quickly and the builder saw a very clear ROI far ahead of expectations. Beyond the advertising, detailed analytics pinpointed the specific ad, user data, and location, providing detailed information to refine the campaign for even better continued performance.

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